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The Building Great Teams Project. Here we are standing at the doorstep within the 2008 economy knocking hard to come inside. Only, the door remains shut with no answer. We continue to knock, and knock hoping that someone would open it for us to be let in. The problem with this scenario is one that has so many of us being brought to our wits end, presented with few options of achieving our goals. Not unless a door is opened for the entry to be achieved, or so you may think. What am I referring you may be asking? The answer to this question lies in a word and it is one that offers a change to your life – "opportunity."  

The scenario also lays the foundation for what most people in America may already be thinking, "we have gone from a first class country to a third rate community." I know that it may sound harsh and might even upset some of you with the profound statement, but I am only telling the truth. The United States of America is a great nation; however, we are one that is on a slippery slope heading in the wrong direction FAST!  

We are currently facing economic and political crisis at proportions that for most people alive, this is the absolute worst it has been. Just as common folk didn’t see the shock of September 11th coming that held most of us frozen in time, unless we understand how to identify with the word opportunity, we will again be frozen in shock when terror strikes – and for most working Americans, it is already upon us with sky rocketing fuel prices (planes, trains, and automobiles…oops, let’s add one more here and say, our homes).  

With our failing banking institutions, busted brokerages, toppled corporate giants, bankrupt cities and school systems, states in default, the news of killer asteroids heading towards earth, and foreign creditors cashing out U.S. securities, it seems to me that the stage may already be set and the biggest scare yet is on its way.  

I believe that we can, as the most resilient nation in the world, overcome the doom and gloom we are facing. We can head it off with persistence and opportunity and to do so, we must ban together as great teams do, look adversity in its face and smile, and win at all cost. That’s right; the opportunity that I am referring lies in our abilities to ban as one to build small pockets of great teams at every level of our society. If we look back to our earlier days, WWI and WWII, Americans banned together as a team and we became a nation that could not be beat during some of the toughest times we had to face in those times. We simply need to do it again, only this time, we must move our teams from being good to becoming great.  

In building great teams, there are a few things to consider just to get started: 

- Team Basics & A Team Defined!

- People and Champions of Change

- Perspective (Lessons from the Wizard of Oz)

- The Future Picture

- The Ninefold Earth 

A lack of opportunity may be knocking and for some people, it goes by its original name, "tough times." But, for those who have the know-how for making the absolute best of a tough situation, slamming the door in the face of tough times is not a problem. It requires us to ban together as one – in our homes, on the job, and across organizations at every level to become a GREAT team.   

I know that you have heard the saying, "tough times don’t last, but tough people do." The problem with this statement is that although you might be that tough person, even you will fall to the perils of life’s burdens. This is the reason for this text, to provide a means of not falling, but if you do, having a failsafe for getting up. This brings me to the first consideration: Team basics and what is a team? Building great teams hits at one of the most discussed topics within business media and the workplace: Organizational Behavior, leadership & process, and inter-office politics.  

The day of the individual worker is over, as our life style in today's households and corporate arena demands that workers possess the ability to effectively work as team-led associates within an organization. Everyone needs someone. It is a scenario all top leaders and managers knows well: The organization, their people, and their systems all require efficient and effective processes to remain constant in its approach to move quickly toward new and innovative ways of reaching mission-critical objectives. This is a task that is directed by the senior leadership, and they must be committed to draft and manage the right team of commandos to lead the effort.    

Yet, in most cases, team leaders never hit their goals – not because they lack talent within the associate ranks, but because they are naive to the complexities of team dynamics. Smart leaders and managers understand what type of team model best suits the task, what key skills to look for (and which to avoid), and how to coax top performances from everyone starting from day one. 

This text is another part in my Building GREAT Teams project. If you would like to receive a full copy of the text, please send me an email at: Also, please reference "The Guidebook" in your subject line in order for our team to process your request in a timely manner. You can also visit to learn more about the project.  

The Building GREAT Teams project includes the publication bundle: "Building Great Teams: Charting the Path of Organizational Politics" (ISBN# 978-1-4196-7603), "The Monograph: How to Build and Manage the Process of Teams" (ISBN# 978-1-4196-9172-0), "The Guidebook: Essential Traits of a GRAET Team Player," a series of performance management assessment instrument, 40-hours of instruction using strategies from the United States Marine Corps, and dynamic hands-on exercises.

The project offers a systematic philosophy for excellence that achieves a philosophical paradigm for greatness; one offers liberation through process that ultimately leads to a reconciliation of practice. The publications area available at,,  or by emailing me at: 

Those who adopt the project are poised to learn how "not" to resist, but work with, the forces and paradigms of change, how to chart the path of organizational politics, how to build and manage the process of teams, and learn the essential traits of a GREAT team player!  The project offers an essential guidebook for building your team’s transformational resilience, providing the needed coaching to your team members, and driving performance management for optimal results.  

In closing, I hope that you explore the many offerings from this project. Here’s a sampling from the project that is titled, "The Five Fundamentals."


There are Five Fundamentals – for this deliberation, for the making of comparisons and the assessing of conditions: the way, heaven, earth, command, discipline. I wish to explain only one; "the way," causes men to be of one mind with their rulers, to live or die with them, and never to waver! (Definition) A team must stand firm on one vision with the ruler being the mission – to live by a creed and never falter and/or waiver on an issue that can stop the execution of the necessary steps within the established mission you are reaching. Don’t ever fail within "the way!"


This Guidebook helps you to define the other four for your life, team, and organization. Get your copy today.