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Enter the Matrix

We are becoming consumers of information. I’d like to point out that there’s a distinct difference in being knowledgeable on a particular subject and having access to that knowledge through the internet. Who needs to be knowledgeable on anything when you have access to a plethora of information readily available? We have forgone, or advanced beyond depending on your viewpoint, from studying and memorization in lieu of a mnemonic approach that offers instant-on access to the information that we need.

Even computers and the way we interact with them have changed. It used to be that we held onto our own information on our own systems. And now with the advent and widespread use of ASP enterprise applications we entrust what we would once be considered information from both a personal and corporate perspective to companies such as Google Aps, Microsoft Office Online and The internet is becoming an extension of our brains while our "computers", which don’t do much computing nowadays, now act as mere nodes or view screens to access our information rather than being the keeper of the flame.

***Chase Wegmann is Director of Business Development & Client Strategy for a advertising, branding and marketing agency in New York City***