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Imagine this. You step on to the elevator. The doors are closing. All of a sudden, the leading pioneer in your field or the CEO of a Fortune 100 company steps on the elevator and pushes the button to the top floor. The opportunity of a lifetime has just presented itself. Your mind is racing, you have 30 sec. to sell yourself and present your brand. What do you say? You may be thinking, ‘I can’t possibly compress my life into 30 sec. My resume is 2 pages, I’ve accomplished so much, I’m very valuable, I need more time’… If that is what you are thinking, I submit to you this. If a multi-billion dollar corporation can pitch a multi-million dollar product to millions of people in 30 sec. or less (known as a commercial), then surely you, as awesome as you are, can communicate your elevator speech in 30 sec. Now let’s take it a step further. Let’s say Oprah/Larry King/CNN/or The Today Show called and said they have a 3 min. segment available. They want you to come on the air. You can say anything you want about whatever you want. What would you say? What is your message to the world? There are approximately 6.5 billion people on the planet and they are all waiting to hear from you. Do you know where your passion lies? Do you know your purpose or reason for existence? What is your brand message? Who will your message impact? Will it ignite others to fulfill their destiny or cause them to change the station? If you can’t answer these questions right now, they I leave you with an assignment. Identify your brand and develop your message to the world.