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‘StarBUCKS’ Status. What is the cost of cool? And are you willing to pay the price? I got the inspiration for this blog in the Minneapolis airport this weekend. As I went from gate F14 to A6 I saw ‘StarBUCKS.’ I stopped to get my usual White Chocolate Mocha Grande with caramel drizzled on top. I wasn’t craving caffeine or necessarily had a taste for coffee, but I saw the sign and immediately got in line.

Love or hate ‘StarBUCKS’ they have a cult-like following. Think about it. Why do over 30 million customers purchase caffeinated drinks from ‘StarBUCKS’ each week? They have never aired a TV commercial for the store, but the brand is still strong. Every successful brand demands a certain value and customers that willingly pay the price without even thinking about it. I was not paying for the coffee; I was paying for the cup. Does a cup of coffee change your status? Does it change your life? Does it change your social class? Will you be more accepted by people in a different tax bracket?