Work/Life: Top 10 Ways the Road Warrior Can Fire Up The Economy

So the U.S. Congress is rebating us up to $600 of our own money to help stimulate consumer spending and pull us out of the recession.


So if it’s every road warrior’s patriotic duty to use his rebate to fire up the economy, here are my top 10 ideas for frittering away mine.

(1) Get better luggage;

(2) Try out a local BBQ restaurant featured on The Food Channel;

(3) Get one of those portable GPS gizmos that comes with a travel guide;

(4) Strap on the SLEEPTRACKER® alarm wristwatch;

(5) Add a Bluetooth earpiece so I can take cellular calls without having to fumble with my phone while driving;

(6) Buy a keychain sized mobile wi-fi finder;

(7) Pick up an international electrical plug adaptor;

(8) Upgrade from the next best bottled water to the best bottled water on my next flight;

(9) Invest in a lifetime supply of 1-quart Glad bags to hold toiletries;

and the most critical step in stimulating us out of the doldrums —

(10) Order an insanely expensive set of noise-canceling headphones now that the airlines are going to enable the chattering class to use their cell phones in flight.

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