Narrowing it down…. or I have a cold and can’t keep scouring the internet until 4am for solutions

So, I think I am between choosing AISO and The Greenest Host for my hosting needs post yahoo. The Greenest Host rents space from AISO and they are both 100% solar powered. I had been considering Dream Host but they offset rather than utilize clean energy from the get go. Plus …. Joomla had me about to stab myself in the eye. I just don’t get it! I read the forums and even self declared geeks don’t seem to get it. This amazes me since it was touted as being great for beginners and non programmers. Not quite.

I also think I need to cave and hire a web designer. I need to focus on the product acquisition and not on giving myself cluster headaches. Anyone out there with a passion for recycling, reusing, and reducing that wants to help a girl out at a steep discount or a deferred payment plan? If you have a dog or a cat you can even work out a discount or trade based upon goodies for your furry friend.

I am invited to participate in another green shopping event… this one in May in Saugus. It’s a smaller community one however it seems that it might get a fairly good turn out so we are going to go for it. They have agreed that Bella is welcome to come with and be the spokesdog for Lucky Dog Organics. Very exciting!

Speaking of exciting… Bella is beta testing a cool new gadget for dogs that some MIT grads came up with. I signed a non disclosure but I will say this…. super cool and very design concious. It looks like an ipod for dogs. Ha Ha Ha.

Sniffle….. time for more oj and to get settled in for the night.