ZPURPOSEZPAST FCBIO Session Time: 41 Minutes Wake Up Call: A great designer makes his design comprehensible Improve management of all transition points Focus on being grounded when abstraction becomes easy to do


Session Time: 41 Minutes

Wake Up Call:

A great designer makes his design comprehensible

Improve management of all transition points

Focus on being grounded when abstraction becomes easy to do


The Host:
FC are asking about a comparison between AOL and Facebook. I think it is the wrong comparison. An acronym should be compared with an acronym and a venerated verb should be compared to a venerated verb. In the case of verbs, Facebook should be compared with Google. The world’s most successful acronym is IBM. What did IBM do that AOL didn’t? Two clues point the way. First Thomas J. Watson produced shaped IBM with a mantra called THINK. Then when IBM stopped thinking, Lou Gerstner rode into town and aligned IBM back to its customer and removed the fat of unnecessary corporate planning. To remain big one needs to keep one’s head and know where one’s heart is – guts on their own are not enough.

The Infomating Gadfly:
One of these days I will come around to using Flickr. I think it helps to either be 17 or 67 or have a love of photography, to use this service. As a visual person Flickr does not enhance my visualness but what it does do is make more people see the world as I have always done, and that’s good. One day I will use Flickr but retirement is still a long way off and I will wait for that day to come.

Da kine Media:
Douglas Adams produced a smart, funny but most of all perceptive piece of writing when he wrote Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I especially like the idea of the three spaceships, of which one carries the useless third of Earth – long before Dilbert made the obvious, obvious – Douglas Adams made great observations about the human condition wrapped up in a creative and imaginative humour.

Theo’s Corner:
Google’s “Don’t be Evil” mantra is something that has made me curious. Why would a 21st Century minded company choose the idea of good and evil as it’s philosophical outlook. Surely “Quality of Life” is the appropriate mantra for the 21st Century. The more I thought about this, the more I realized that Google and Facebook are actually following the oldest traits of human-kind. Both require migration in order to grow and this migration is fully reflected in eyeballs. Yet for me a 21st Century company isn’t based on migration as its core growth engine, it is an entrepreneurial mindset.

Web 0.0 Picks:
One of the most challenging concepts on the web is the future. If Alvin Toffler was the future guy in the 20th Century, then Ray Kurzweil is the future guy of the 21st Century. From George Orwell’s observations we get the notion of an Orwellian future. The same could be said about Kurzweil, that he paints a “Kurzwellian future”. Yet there are two voices who are important IMHO to understanding technological change in our century – and that continuum is between those who asked us to look at technology as personal understanding viz Marshall McLuhan, all the way to the other continuum where Ray Kurzweil tells us what is coming down the pipeline and asks us all to prepare for it. This future outlook is further explored by the Singularity Institute. The interesting thing for me about transhumanist approach is that it contradicts our youth culture mindset today. What is the logical point of longevity other than we need human’s to live longer to use their experiences for mankind’s development – the idea that we simply need to live longer because we are afraid of death makes no sense – the end is the end for all – but giving life purpose and meaning is the key to what being human means. So then why don’t we value experience – why do we still lust for youthful exhuberance?


Blast from the Past: “10 Things Technology Won’t Do”
I wrote this ditty at AO in April 2004. It is still enjoyable for me to read, but my senses today ask me how this helps me at the level of my own service to society – yet it is always good to muse, for from musing comes the habits of invention and with purpose, invention can become innovation.

It won’t invent an implantable lie detector for politicians with optional add-on upgrades
that translates partisan speech into yes and no answers.

It won’t invent a foolproof way to win the National Lottery of Happiness and Leisure.

It won’t stop human beings from making human size mistakes.

It won’t count the votes of the largest political block in America – the non-voter.


It won’t create a hypeless media free of doggy wagging and champagne dizzy PR people.

It won’t globalize the planet Mars or create a McDonald’s franchise on Venus.

It won’t stop reality seekers from searching for reality on Reality TV.

It won’t prevent the birth of people who believe exploitation is an ancestral birthright.

It won’t create a new version of the “Matrix” when the “Visual Society” replaces the social network.



It won’t hold back the independence of one voice, the imagination of a human mind
and the intelligence of a complete relationship


Not for Video
Not for Audio
Not for Comment
Not for Fashion
Not forever…but to reach Zero