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I took a nap and decided to try my hand at this Joomla thing.... I downloaded WAMP and Joomla (as well as a bucket full of other open source programs like wordpress, zen cart, etc ) and I seem to be up and running. Well, I seem to be leaning against the wall scratching my head with my sleeping dog on my feet.

This week is proving to be rough... while the weather is nice and it's a joy to be outside with my dogs I am finding that I don't feel I have enough time to promote the hands on business while trying to get the site up for the virtual business BUT I am going to lose two clients soon as they are going on extended summer vacations. This equals close a 1/3 of my income at the moment as both clients are regular daily clients. So, I am finding myself stressed out and more exhausted than I should be. In an attempt to budget I have cut out my coffee treats at the local Espresso Royale and Starbucks.This also means I need to buy a new glass pot for my french press since I broke mine three weeks ago... if I can't get my coffee out of the house... I damn well better be able to drink my organic bolivian at home in my beloved french press. No coffee at all would be the worst hell imaginable. Alas, I am not the only one who will be needing to sacrifice... Bella is also going to have to go without her dried tilapia treats for awhile as she would eat $20 a day if I wasn't careful (and she once did grab a bag off the counter that had nearly that much in it... note to self... dogs who are very skilled with paws and tall enough to reach counters... don't leave treats, butter, your salmon, or pretty much anything else there that you either want or don't want them to eat. Like expensive imported chocolate you received as a gift. Did I mention the pound of butter??) 

I intended to start running again this morning.... but I overslept. I have in on my list of intentions for tomorrow morning now.... even a mile.... even 10 minutes Just to get back out there. 

Back to the task at hand... now that I know Joomla is NOT Ooompa and there is no magic chocolaty goodness awaiting me at the end of it all... well, where is the fun?! But seriously, what IS the difference between a CMS with a shopping cart and a non cms site linked into a shopping cart?When I started looking I didn't anticipate so many confusing choices. Google has made it harder for us.... we have TOO MUCH access to knowledge now. The more I know..... the more I know that I don't know much of anything. (Except the entire Oompa loompa song....)