Work/Life: Making Your Drive to Work Work For You



  • A radio station in England that broadcasts nothing but acontinuous loop of birdsong in a country garden has attracted over half amillion listeners.  The soundeffect is currently only occupying a station that is between owners and isslated to go away once a permanent format returns to that frequency; but somepeople are already soliciting philanthropists to put up enough money keep thesoothing bird peeps on the air. 
  • I know I’m always looking for signs of work/life balance outthere, and I suppose this qualifies, but I’m afraid I’m one of thosenot-yet-healed workaholics who is just getting the requisite amount ofdog-eat-dog energy I need to compete in this world while I grit my teeththrough morning traffic.  If Istart listening to chirping birdies on the way to a crucial morning confab, bythe time I get to the conference room I’d be ready to sell the company up theriver for a hammock and a koi pond. With that in mind, however, I would like to suggest a few more 24-hourradio station loops that might help me hone my killer instincts when I needthem most: 
  1. RADIO NYSE – The screams of traders on the Stock Exchangefloor keep you company as you make your way into work.  If your adrenaline isn’t gushing by thetime you hit your exit ramp, seek professional help. 
  2. JACKHAMMER FM – Cruise into work accompanied by the bracingambiance of a city construction crew. Nothing gets you ready to give ‘em hell like the Ayn Rand energy you getfrom the sounds of another skyscraper coming into existence.   Complete with unidentifiablehydraulic wham noises, and the occasional catcall. 
  3. 94.9, THE SIREN – Stay on your toes as you tune your dial tothe frequency that broadcasts only approaching police sirens.  Which one is real?  Hoping you’ll never find out is whatgives this nerve-jangling station its invigorating edge. 
  4. DYSFUNCTIONAL PARENTS-AM 1040 – By the time you spend halfan hour or more in the car with the voices of a pair of disapproving parentswho remind you that you may never be good enough, you will be ready to inspireyour entire workplace with the type of critical thinking that has drivenAmerican business for hundreds of years. That, plus regular depressing news updates should get you in the mood totake no prisoners. 
  5. THEME FROM ROCKY RADIO – Nothing but the music thataccompanied Sly Stallone through his workout and eventual run up the steps ofthe Philadelphia Art Museum, all day, every day.  Just see if your third quarter profitsdon’t soar after weeks of this brain conditioning.  Warning: don’t switch over to the “Eye of the Tiger”station…it will eventually have a debilitating effect. 
  • Interested investors should contact me about getting one ofthese revolutionary radio stations going. I will sit by the phone awaiting the influx of capital.  If anyone has any other radio stationsthey would like to suggest, I’ll allow you in on the ground floor of thisonce-in-a-lifetime opportunity.