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Introduction to Zero [10 April 2008 Ammendments in TEMPLATE CONSTRUCTION below]

I cannot see how one can be a free spirit unless we are able to mix one’s own life’s mistakes and experiences with an ability to deal with abstraction, while relating this to the concrete and cooking all of this in the oven of common sense. In the course of the last few day while dwelling on why “Man in a Womb” was such a poorly designed format on my part, it occurred to me that I have not considered those options which can be designed into my day and which won’t serve as a distraction to my core purpose this year. I have let myself down because I began to follow sentiment rather than process. Process is simple – avoid distraction and get stuff done. If my process is simply creating more process and unnecessary new avenues of attention, then it is doing jack all. Processes that do not deliver value should be terminated, but valuable processes that are creating distraction, should be greatly improved.

I have a database full of “old” content which is no longer online and this can all be repurposed, after all this year for me to be looking forward by looking back. This repurposing here will be called “Blast from the Past” (details below) and will include written material (as is) that was originally written to either Fast Company (FC) or AlwaysOn Network (AO) or other content platforms (OC) – where this content is either no longer available or is buried in archives. This also provides me the opportunity to refresh URL’s that are out of date in my own relational database and judge the merits of a previous mindset.

I had a discussion with a guy called Jeff once, who was very upset in 2005, by the fact that all his content had been removed from a site that had changed its platform system (we will all bemoan something like that or another sooner or later). I advised him, that if his content is important to him, to store it in his own database in future. People do value their own contributions, and they do count it as their “history” and so I told Jeff not to shoot the messenger – for what is done is done, and suggested that he should learn how to adapt and adopt a database to carry his content with him. If data is important it is necessary to do the backup in a world where software and operating systems are guaranteed to keep on changing and content; and data “disappears” due to technological disruption and the inevitability of change. We can only call it cloud computing when the technology can guarantee us of the assumption of smooth transitions.


I am a guy who likes to be generally left alone to engage my own business, though I am never alone, not so long as there are six billion people on the planet. This does not mean that I am going to shake hands with six billion people, it simply means recognizing that we share the very same planet and that we should avoid making heroes out of people or sticking people on pedestals. This is especially so considering that we don’t spend even a microcosm of the same energy on what six billion people have a common want to share, which is to receive a modicum of basic respect – but we are all hypocrites in that regard, and to create a great life, we continually treat the natural accumulation of hypocrisy as an unnecessary toxic fat, in a world that often talks about fitness but rarely lives upto all that fine talk.


Sometimes the things we do, do take on a life of their own and such points it is advisable to stop – this is the moment we need step out of the fire of image and illusion and move back to the energy of flow and balance – and it is an act intelligence whenever I can cross that bridge. I do wonder how much of Heath Ledger’s depression and tragic end was caused by being so caught up professionally perfecting the illusions of his acting roles? In the case of “Mark Zorro”, it is so easy to begin to identify with an illusionary role, so I constantly keep reminding myself that this is a label, a process and not an identity, to not to do otherwise, risks falling into the abyss of an actor’s dilemma. Today it seems to me, that the stage has become the audience and the audience has become the stage.

I don’t like fame because I don’t value idolatry and I think worshipping people is an extremely primitive and unhealthy occupation. I think it’s really cool to be just “ordinary people”, and to remain the common man who can get on with their own business and their own life. This is why I so admire Thomas Paine as well as the meaning of the “Unknown Soldier” – to be one of six-billion rather than that foolishness of trying to be the “One”. We are born from the dust of zero and just as Genesis 3:19 states, at the end of a lifetime contribution we return back to the dust of zero. We do not have to worry about returning to dust though, for we are living dust if we simply follow the wind and blind alleys of a mechanistic existence. My gut intelligence is telling me to follow my process as a whole and disengage if it does not work, my mind intelligence says that this process should be conducted solely offline but my heart intelligence tells me to be vigilant but at all times remember absolutely, why it is that I have so engaged and that is serves a greater practical purpose. It is my gut intelligence that I need to build upon.

What’s Your Name?

Mohammed Ali in his most aggressive moment punished a boxer called Terrell over 15 grueling rounds for identifying him with “Clay” (his family surname), he kept shouting at him “What’s my name, Uncle Tom … What’s my name?”. Ali was alluding to a dark and horrific historical context, but the name I use here is simply a process, that’s all – but people will call you what they call you – even real names end up becoming a stereotype or a label anyway (just like that bland expression “What do you do for a living?).

What matters is as Ali found out later in life, that it is that stuff that sits inside of you that counts – and Ali showed that it isn’t physical pain or what you do for a living which counts, but the ability to stand firm when it is necessary to do so but also be flexible enough to float like a butterfly, as well as sting like a bee. I have neither come here to be followed and nor have I not come here to show people my jabs and right hooks. I do have tremendous heart intelligence but heart intelligence is often confused with emotion.

Emotion is simply the wind for our mind intelligence. It is gut intelligence that ultimately informs us that we are all more than the label of our name or the product of our birth. The point of writing here for me is to put thoughts on paper and then learn practical lessons for having done so. That is what Ali did, and his audacity to call himself the “Greatest” was a well-earned, highly factual and well-developed truth. Yet Ali also taught me one other thing, that a human name is not immaterial, it is nothing but material.



The above taglines mirror the accompanying sister Dlog to a 9 month MZ-dlog called ONE written in 2003-2004. Zero is about creating a new beginning or in other words “Reaching Zero” is the starting point of a brand new day and that is the point at which this Dlog must be assembled. A Dlog is my shortform for “Internal Dialogue” (DLOG Explained in one of my “Mark Zorro” responses here to a previous FC Blog):

I selected the word Dlog because it has a similar sound to the word blog, but blog spelled backwards spells GOLB, but Dlog spelled backwards, spells GOLD. In other words, it is upto me to pay attention to my own life priority gold and discard the social non-priority ore. Zero is about manufacture not just the extraction of this personal gold. The process of turning this gold into a meaningful life, first requires treating ones life as valuable as gold, and not just one more cyberspace blogger.

Another example of a Dlog is “Chamber of Self Expression” though this was written in 2001 and now merely serves as a time marker, if anything it will be interesting to view this exercise as three time-markers – the 2001 Dlog, the 2004 Dlog and now, this, the 2008 Dlog.
When I read it now I see what I could not see at that time, that the journey I have undertaken to date has been about learning to see.

Primary Purpose

The primary purpose of this particular Dlog is my own literal personal wake up call, so that is why it has to be expressed before 7am on any given day or not written at all in that particular day. “Zero” gets me back on track with the agenda I originally set before the year began. FC has come along with a new platform and I have looked for ways to avail the opportunity to use it without losing the core thread of what this year is about, which is consolidation and utilizing the experiences of the previous 10 years. To enable smooth flow of this purpose, the key isn’t the content, but how well I manage and organize my database. This purpose is further underscored by the response I expressed here.


Zero is meant to be at maximum a 9 month type Dlog and will finish up on December 20th 2008 and that should conclude a process that I have already invested 1/5th of life as an online journey. Just as John Lennon said about the creative source for all his songs, I am writing about this from my own life experience, not anyone else’s. I am responsible for and must endeavor to retain or uphold my own attention (as I to some degree to do over the course of a decade) – and that this attention is called my “Freedom”, which can be self-expressed either via a freedom attention vehicle called “Silence” or attention property called “Viewpoint” or an attention craft called “Art”.

Format Selection (ammendments to this format are noted in the Template Construction Section)

“Zero” will be broken down into 7 sections sandwiched between the Signature of Zero (see below)

Wake Up Call: (My personal awakening to a brand new day and 3 reflections based on wakefulness, being a free spirit & responsibility)

The Host: (as a guest to FC – one thing that caught my attention at FC in the previous 24 hours and how I personally relate to it)

The Infomating Gadfly: Reflecting on what I see happening on the outer edges of my primary focus – with regard to excellence & life


Da kine Media: This segment is an appreciation of music, film and art, it will be inaugurated with John Mayer’s “Say” and Bob Seger’s “Roll Me Away, which both set themes for this Dlog & my life.

Theo’s Corner: (2 quotes from a spiritual context to begin the day with – “Theo” is my personal way of giving theology a human name)

Web 0.0 Picks: (2 blogs or websites that have caught my eye in the blogosphere – this is not an endorsement but about difference)

Blast from the Past: A repurposed blog from the past that has previously removed or active entries of personal relevance

Each individual Dlog will begin with the following signature and closed with the “Zero Taglines”
ZERO: Purpose Statement (URL of what is written here)
ZPAST: (a link to last Zero-000 reference)
FC BIO: Personal bio for reference only //



This Dlog is a part of my own explorative outlook and is assembled solely for my personal needs and is not associated with any other person or organization. I am not responsible for what anyone else chooses to read here, or how they read it, why they read it, how they link it or who they tell how they have read it and linked it – for I believe that everybody is an owner of their own attention or at least responsible for what they choose to look at in their respective life. If respect is one aspect of becoming a more elegant individual, then the best gift others can give me is the gift of respecting that this is my individual process and to observe or acknowledge but not interupt or interfere. I have not really been known for my charm or cordial ways, this is exactly what I am about to fix!

I can certainly learn from professional and intelligent people, I can certainly learn from people who are different than me, but I do not attempt to be anything other than the extent of my domestic responsibilties, my future potential and my given strengths demand from me. I am solely responsible for how I think, why I think and where I think about what I think. I am not here to increase or add mountains of material to my thinking, I am simply here to think about how to move from a state of improved awareness to discovering how to live intelligently, especially in a world where seemingly everybody is into everybody elses highly branded business but where it is the few that actually still sit down and take time to figure out their own!


As I looked at what can be repurposed, out of the thousands of online contributions, there is seems to be only a handful of stuff that is even remotely worth repurposing and it is amazing both what time can do to make our thoughts irrelevant and what learning can do to make our thoughts wiser. The writing here has a shelf life and it must have a beginning and end. This Dlog should proceed through to 20th December 2008, at which point I move on with my life, and then from that point onwards I can look forward to sharing a life with those I live with with who are coming of age and also with work partners who need my full undivided attention to work. This is after all the 21st Century, and today if we are truly 21 as a society, then I guess it is time for all of who are using the Gregorian calendar to “come of age” as well.





Session Time:

Both Eyes Open:
Relate to current affairs & global relationship [10APR: Replaced Wake Up Call]

The Host:
About FC

The Infomating Gadfly:
The outer edges of excellence & life

Da kine Media:
Music, Film & Art


Inspiration Point:
Focus on who inspires me [theology idea isn’t working – 10APR: replaces Theo’s Corner]

Web 0.0 Picks:
My relationship with blogosphere

Blast from the Past:
Enter a summary title, date written, reasoning and result

A repurposed blog from the past


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Not forever…but to reach Zero