Do Bald People Make Better Employees?

Clarification: I’m talking cranial hair – you guys are terrible!


So do bald people make better employees?

What if you’re simply on your way to being bald? (this is a gender-neutral question) 🙂

   – What if said employee was bald by birth?
   – How about if they would be bald, but choose to shave their heads? (I believe I may fall into this category!)
   – What if they should shave their heads as opposed to exhibiting their current level of baldness? (Ladies, you know the male look I’m talking about!)

If so, does head-shine come into play? Sometimes when I meet local female candidates, they ask if they can rub the baldness . . . while guys say, “bro, what do you put on your head to make it shine like that?”

Ok, so maybe I was born with a sales skill or two, but I’ve actually made hires and closed deals using my baldness. I mean that – it’s truly possible.

For you PhDs’ out there, is there a direct correlation at play between the baldness of an employee and the coinciding engagement levels (not just QOH) of the candidates that are hired as a result of their efforts?

I appreciate your insights and opinions as we move forward with this groundbreaking study of “Baldness in the Workplace”!!!

Joshua Letourneau
Mg Director, SSF (Strategic Sourcing Framework) Implementation