Top 10 indicators your company is a FastCompany..

I thought this site could use a little comedy so I took a stab at what I thought were leading indicators of a FastCompany. Please feel free to Post your list or individual indicator. Drum roll please…..


The Top 10 indicators your company is a FastCompany:

Number 10. The conference room you tried to book last week was tied up with Fantasy Baseball Draft.

Number 9. Your CEO is also the COO, CFO, CIO and CCO.

Number 8. The phone system loops Sammy Hagar’s “I can’t drive 55” while Clients are on hold.

Number 7. Dominoes pizza is on the company phone list.

Number 6. That &_#@! “Easy Button” is starting to get on your nerves

Number 5. You recently slipped on a foosball in the hallway at work.

Number 4. VC’s are like the papparazzi outside the office.

Number 3. Stock options are raffled off with a game of BINGO every Friday.

NUmber 2. Your Blackberry is on fire!

And the number 1 indicator your company is a FastCompany..

Number 1. You’re reading this Blog.