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"Hi, this morning I’m using Jott. I’m actually in my car driving about 50 miles an hour, and sending an E-mail/message to myself to remind me of things I need to do today, while it’s still fresh in my head. So I no longer have to type and drive at the same time. Note to self: stop typing and driving. Very dangerous. This is a great mobile technology that I am very excited about it, so I’m gonna end the Jott and wait till I get back to my office finish and finish this blog entry."


Jott! I love it. I use it. And best of all…it’s free!

What is Jott? Well, with Jott, you can record free voice messages that are transcribed and sent as text messages or e-mails without having to fumble for a pen or your mobile device.

How can you use it:

I mainly use it to send emails or notes from the car to myself or anyone in my Jott address book.

Now they have added several strategic partners so there are some new features like:

  • shoppers can use it to create a list of their favorite products using their voice.
  • For example, a user of the new service, which launched today, could add a voice message about favorite products — say an Zune or the Heroes DVD Boxed Set and have the results from returned in an e-mail message.
  • You can use it to add appointments direct to your Google Calendar
  • Make a shopping list at Remember The Milk
  • Find out where the speed traps are by saying your location and getting an email back from
  • Maybe just blogging directy to your Wordpress, Blogger, TypePad and others.

So… Check it out and let me know what you think!