Work/Life: Today’s Challenge: A Catchy Slogan For Your Workplace


  • Spend ten minutes watching television and you will hear adozen advertising slogans.  A fewwords strung together to convey the essence of the merchandise being foistedupon us.   Sometimes it is arepeated phrase, usually describing how to use the product, drummed into youwith all the subtlety of a softball bat to the kneecaps (“Head On: ApplyDirectly to the Forehead…Head On: Apply Directly to the Forehead….”).  Also quite fashionable these days arethe two closely-related thoughts separated by a period for emphasis (“YourWorld. Delivered.”).  Still othercompanies try to sum it all up in one word. (“Invent.”)   
  • A lot of people put a lot of thought into how to put theirimage across to the general public, but I think the time has come for somesloganeering in the workplace itself.   Coming up with a catch phrase to describe yourworkplace is a way of saying “this is who we are” to those who help run thewell-oiled machine that is your company. It might even be a good idea to get all the employees involved in acontest to create a slogan that typifies what your organizationrepresents.  Who knows what theymight come up with? 
  1. “Your Week. Ruined.”
  2. “There Are Some Things Money Can’t Buy.  For everything else, there’s $376.38 aweek after taxes.”
  3. “Think Different. At Your Peril.”
  4. “Working Here: Apply Directly to The Ego….Working Here:Apply Directly to the Ego…”
  5. “Got Bennies?”
  6. “Where the Gifted Work to Get the Mediocre Promoted.”
  7. “Just Do It. (And Quit Complaining).”
  8. “For All You Do, This Crud’s For You.”
  9. “The Few.  TheUndervalued.  The Employees.”
  10. “Hell. Redefined.”  
  • Okay, so maybe you don’t want to leave it all up to theemployees.  After all, they hiredactors to play the factory workers in those Honey Bunches of Oats commercials.
  • What would your workplace slogan be?