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The deal's been sealed. As of today, Tata Group's bid for Ford's Jaguar and Land Rover brands graduated to a completed purchase for $2.3 billion. Note, that's nearly half the number Ford originally paid for the brands only a few years ago.

As we mentioned in our Fast 50 writeup, the $72.8 billion Indian conglomerate has been accelerating its global footprint over the past few years—from tea acquisitions to steel companies. Just last week I met with Phiroz Vandrevala, an executive director at Tata Consultancy, who filled me in on the new IT offices they've just opened in, of all places: Cincinnati, Ohio. Comfortably hubbed between GE's Aviation arm and consumer product behemoth, P&G, creating a hearty 1,000 jobs. They're now giving us jobs.

With the Jaguar/Land Rover deal, it's interesting (and I imagine gleefully ironic) that an Indian company will now be responsible for reviving two iconic British brands. How cut out do you think they are for the challenge? Is it a branding or manufacturing hurdle? Is Tata Motors the one to pick up where Ford failed? With the global spotlight on them, is this India's best shot to prove it's "not just a tech and outsourcing ghetto"?