10 Questions with Wind Power Entrepreneur Jim Gordon

This former fossil fuel power plant tycoon wants to pioneer a new era in renewable energy. His $1 billion Cape Wind project would be America’s first offshore wind farm, with 130 turbines, each higher than a 40-story building, turning the inexhaustible ocean breezes into clean energy.


FC: What’s the worst job you ever had?


Gordon: Baling recycled newspapers in a junkyard.

FC: Why did you become an entrepreneur?

Gordon: Probably because I like the free flow of ideas, creative atmosphere and being my own boss. And no big corporation would have me.

FC: The scariest moment I’ve had running a company was the day .

Gordon: I’m still waiting for that day.


FC: Who gives you the best advice in your business?

Gordon: The customers. If you listen to them, it helps you understand trends and where things are going.

FC: If you weren’t in this field, what would you do?

Gordon: I’d be filmmaker, a director. Blockbusters, extravaganzas! Either that or independent films — two extremes.

FC: Finish this sentence: George W. Bush is .


Gordon: President of the United States. He was helpful in unleashing the windpower boom in Texas.

FC: What’s the simplest thing you never learned how to do?

Gordon: Type. I try to pick up the phone. Since everybody else is on email now, I’m forced to hunt and peck.

FC: What’s your ideal day away from the office?

Gordon: Spending it with my family.


FC: How often do you actually do that?

Gordon: Every weekend. Sometimes I take a day off here and there to do it. Tomorrow I’m taking my three-and-a-half year old daughter to her swim class.

FC: Will there ever be a cartel of windpower-exporting states that we will have to invade?

Gordon: No, because we’re all anarchists and we wouldn’t have our own states. And not unless you want to fight states that fix the price of wind at zero.