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‘Listening’ is a wildly popular and tenacious term in business. When we listen, we are available to new ideas, accessible to others, self-aware and aware of what is happening around us. As such, ideas grow, conflicts are avoided, problem solving ensues, and all this paves the way for creativity and innovation. Regardless of how coveted - - - in truth, we do not listen well. In the performing arts, actors, musicians and other artists do listen well - - they are masters of being ‘present’ and I suggest the world of business has a good deal to learn from the world of the arts. Performers come to their ensembles with the question of "What could be?" prepared to explore possibilities. And often, business folks come with the question of "What should be!" prepared to defend their predetermined conclusions. So, what do you think? Ready to learn how to listen from a performing artist? What possibilities do you see?