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Mobile Remote Control

Before long, your cell phone will also be your wallet, keys, and garage-door opener. These mobile applications transform cell phones into life management devices.

Information finder

This Palo Alto startup offers sports scores and stats, stock quotes, flight information, price comparisons, Wi-Fi hotspot locations, and even package tracking, all via basic text messaging.

Check your Gmail with your phone, search the Web, or look up local businesses.

A Cambridge, Mass.-based startup, JumpTap was chosen in September to be Alltel's search partner.

Find your friends fast. That’s the premise and promise of this Palo Alto startup that relies on phones with GPS devices.

Medio Systems
Verizon Wireless chose this Seattle-based search provider to help users find games, ringtones, and graphics.

Promptu’s Spoken Search lets users find ringtones, songs, games, and other content just by asking for it out loud.

A provider of voice and text-based mobile search based in San Diego.

VoiceBox Technologies
No more triple-tapping your keypad. That’s the promise of VoiceBox’s conversational search technology.

Yahoo! Mobile Search
Search the Web or use SMS to find local listings and other info.

Entertainment hub

With a reported $100 million in funding, MobiTV promises live television anywhere anytime.

Sprint recently launched a pay-per-view streaming movie service, the first of its kind in the U.S., powered by Palo Alto-based mSpot.

Eyeka fosters a community of users sharing their photos online and on their mobile phones.

Remote control

AT&T Remote Monitor
For a one-time charge of $99 and $9.95 a month, subscribers can monitor their homes, receive security alerts, and even turn lights on or off.

Connect to your PC, including applications such as Outlook and Skype, using your cellphone’s Web browser.

Medical monitor

Alive Technologies
This Australian company develops wireless health monitoring systems for a number of conditions.

American Telemedicine Association
This organization promotes medical care that uses telecommunications technology.

HealthPia has come out with a diabetes-monitoring phone with a built-in glucose monitor.


This upstart, based in Watertown, Mass., lets consumers pay for purchases using their mobile handset—and facilitates rewards marketing programs.

“Use any mobile phone to get, send, or spend money.” Obopay even allows users to send money to friends.

The Near Field Communication Forum
This non-profit industry association supports a standard that will be key to the development of mobile commerce.