25. Internet Video Star

The 30-second TV spot has been very good to big-brand advertisers. Now Allie Savarino’s development of the first Internet video commercial technology, which debuted in January 2004, marries the tried-and-true qualities of traditional brand ads with the future of advertising: interactivity and rigorous measurement. Internet video ads — high quality, full-screen, and appearing between Web pages — feel like the TV experience marketers are used to. Savarino has lured the likes of Miller Beer, Honda, AT&T, Nextel, Pfizer, Kraft, and Toyota to try them. But while Internet users haven’t rebelled as they have against pop-ups, the further televisionization of the Web hasn’t been met with universal huzzahs, either. Still, Savarino’s big year was validated in December, when Viewpoint Corp. purchased Unicast.


Allie Savarino, 33

Senior vice president
Unicast Communications Corp.
New York, New York

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