37. You Smell Delicious

With the world cuckoo for cocoa right now, chocolate fragrances were probably inevitable. “There’s this sensation we get from chocolate,” says Caroline Sabas. “It’s also good for the skin, so why not wear it?” But creating an all-natural chocolate scent for Origins’ proposed cocoa therapy line was easier said than done. She collaborated with Givaudan’s flavor division in Ohio to combine an all-natural flavor that smelled like chocolate with nutmeg, patchouli, and citrus oils. In the process, Sabas opened up a new frontier of 100% natural flavor-based fragrances for Givaudan. The line, which debuted in November, has been met with early praise, and one whiff of the body scrub, which looks like whipped chocolate mousse, explains why: You may try to eat it. That, of course, isn’t recommended.


Caroline Sabas, 30

Givaudan Fragrances
New York, New York

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