11. Coming to a Boil

Dwight Aspinwall and his business partner (and second cousin) Perry Dowst have traveled a long way since they took a crude prototype of their self-heating mug to New Hampshire’s White Mountains in 2001. Campers and hikers invariably crowded around to gawk. The gawkfests continue today over the finished product, the Jetboil personal cooking system–a propane-powered mug that can boil water in 60 seconds. Only now the gawkers are major outdoor retailers and distributors. “We introduced the product in January 2004, and since then we’ve had a very strong and very positive response,” Aspinwall says. That’s putting it mildly. Jetboil signed on 400 retailers last year. Aspinwall says the company hopes to get its self-heating technology approved for indoor use this year. If he knocks on your door to test it out, let him in.


Dwight Aspinwall, 43

Cofounder and president
Jetboil Inc.
Guild, New Hampshire