49. Media Maven

Selling soap hasn’t changed much in 60 years: Create a 30-second TV ad, blast it everywhere, wash, rinse, repeat. Until now. David Verklin, top capo at one of the country’s largest media-buying agencies, turned the ad business on its head last year when he won more than a third of Procter & Gamble’s $2 billion media-planning business. His simple pitch: Rather than create the ads and then find places to broadcast them, Verklin argued for an inside-out approach. “Let’s get inside the head of the Tide customer,” he said. Using an array of cutting-edge research tools to learn how customers use media first, you can then develop ads that consumers will actually find interesting. Fancy that. Verklin took over management of five of P&G’s top-10 brands on October 1. The self-described “media geek” has inherited the earth.


David Verklin, 48

Carat Americas
New York, New York

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