MEET: World Retail Congress

Barcelona is the place for executives to talk shop — from green packaging to worldwide economic worries — April 9-11. We asked five attendees to tell us what’s on their agendas, besides tapas.

“I’m keen to meet up with retailers from Asia and South America. At the 2007 Congress, we made contact with Dubai’s Landmark Group, and have since opened a Spar-branded hypermarket in India with one of its subsidiaries.”


Gordon Campbell
Managing Director of Grocery Giant Spar

“Behind the scenes, there’ll be a definite feeling of uncertainty among big retailers because of the signs of doom and gloom in the global economy.”

Miles Gray
CEO of Clothier Ben Sherman

“Sustainability is a team sport. By sharing ideas, we can create a demand for greener products and get the countries we source our products from to use more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Working together, we could have a bigger impact than any of our governments.”

Sally Jewell
CEO of Outdoor Outfitter Rei

“I’ll be talking about how to look after workers at a session called ‘The Business of Sustainability.’ The cost to make sure that living and working conditions are humane is infinitesimal. If we improve the lives of factory workers, it would be a win for employees and the industry — because we wouldn’t be faced with any more news stories about Santa’s Sweatshops.”


Alan Hassenfeld
Chairman Of Toy Maker Hasbro

“Ultimately, retail is a local business, and we all want to understand how large retail companies can expand beyond their home borders. This is an opportunity to learn about markets in which you don’t currently operate, or where you’re underpenetrated.”

Matt Rubel
CEO Of Shoe Retailer Collective Brands