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When Markus Klinko and Indrani Pal- Chaudhuri teamed up in 1995, both were already stars — Klinko as a classical harpist, and Indrani as a fashion model. Now they are famous for their iconic images of celebrities including David Bowie, Beyoncé Knowles, and Philip Seymour Hoffman, and advertising projects for the likes of Shiseido, Puma, and Anna Sui. For this issue, they photographed Project Runway’s Tim Gunn in his role as chief creative officer of Liz Claiborne.



He holds a black belt in the Uechi Ryu style of karate, has ski-raced for Dartmouth, and appears on live television as the gear and technology editor for Today on NBC. But none of Paul Hochman’s training prepared him for his trip to insurance giant FM Global in Rhode Island: “A company stacked to the rafters with employees who are trained to break things, burn things, blow them up. I had to go.” His story: Burn This.


After writing about visual thinking for this issue’s Next section, Kate Bonamici Flaim tried drawing a biographical sketch instead of writing one but decided her stick figure needed more work. Previously a writer-reporter at Fortune, she is now a consultant at Innosight, a strategy and innovation consulting firm in Watertown, Massachusetts. She also blogs about food at


Award-winning writer David Case has filed stories from the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and East Africa for Rolling Stone, National Geographic Adventure, Mother Jones, and Men’s Journal, among others. For this month’s article on the troubles of AOL, Dead Man Walking, he reported from less exotic locations such as northern Virginia and New York — where he is now based after more than six years in Asia.


Will Leitch says his family religion is the St. Louis Cardinals. That would be a pain for a guy who lives in Brooklyn were it not for, his subject this issue, which allows him to watch every Cardinals game as if he were just down the street from Busch Stadium. Then he learned that MLB Advanced Media impresario Bob Bowman is a Brewers fan. “Any respect went right out the window,” he says. We think that’s a joke.