Customers First Local Hero: Elephant Pharmacy

Elephant Pharmacy

Who doesn’t hate going to the drug store? There’s usually a child crying, some insurance screw-up, and a process that adds insult to infirmity. Elephant Pharmacy aims to reconceive the drug store as a place where Eastern and Western medical practices harmonize and learning creates a hospitable environment for a community to come together and pursue healthy living. The pharmacy’s editors post note cards around the store that guide on topics like choosing cough medicine for children. Free daily classes instruct on yoga, tai chi, meditation, holistic eye health, and healing herbal teas. CEO Kathi Lentzsch used to be a senior VP at Pottery Barn, so it shouldn’t be surprising how stylish and welcoming these pharmacies are.

1607 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, California 94709
510-549-9200 Store
510-549-9201 Pharmacy

909 Grand Avenue
San Rafael, California 94901
415-462-6000 Store
415-462-6001 Pharmacy