Customers First Local Hero: Cereality


For years you’ve been buying a couple of boxes of cereal and creating a custom blend catered to your tastes. So why didn’t you think of Cereality? Its pajama-clad employees offer up familiar cold or hot cereals and an array of toppings (good-for-you and sugary alike–think Pop Rocks). Pick two cereals and a topping, and they package them up in a fun Chinese-food style container. Head to the milk bar, cow and otherwise, to finish your latest creation. For quick fixes there are cereal bars, snack mixes, bran-dosed drinks and parfaits to go. The store design makes it feel like saddling up to the island in a friend’s country kitchen. Only someone else is wearing the PJs.

Arizona State University
Memorial Union Building
Tempe, Arizona 480-242-4743

100 S. Wacker
Chicago, Illinois

3631 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania