The New Corporate Literati

New York, April 25, 2006 – Can moonlighting as a novelist help you perform better in your day job? The May issue of Fast Company magazine (on newsstands April 25 – May 23) reports on the new corporate literati – an undercover group of software engineers, communications experts, brand strategists, and others who get as much thrill from waking at dawn every morning to write as they do from rolling out a new strategy.

The magazine reports that a growing number of writers find being immersed in a workplace environment feeds their writing in a way that’s not possible if they were shacked up in the woods alone with a typewriter. Creative techniques and businesses skills honed in corporate gigs combined with lessons learned in business – defining strategic objectives, outlining the steps you need to get there, giving yourself deadlines, being tactical – help fuel their writing process.

Moonlighting projects have also been found to help employees perform better in their day jobs. Most would-be novelists claim it makes them a happier, more productive individual.

Employers are also beginning to take notice. The May issue highlights advertising agency Fallon’s new “Dreamcatchers” program, which provides employees paid sabbaticals to pursue side projects and offers gallery space for employees to hold events.

Additional information on The New Corporate Literati can be found in the May issue of Fast Company or online at