Taking Your Show on the Road

Nothing gets your point across like a dynamic, media-rich presentation.

Here are a few of the best new projectors, micro PCs, and creative software to make your traveling shows more effective and enjoyable.


Power to Go

We recently had a chance to try out the impressive Sony Vaio UX Micro PC, which runs Windows XP Pro, and features wireless communications via Bluetooth 802.11A/B/G, and Cingular’s high-speed Edge network. A bright, 4.5-inch Wide SVGA (1024×600) screen eases editing of presentations, and does an excellent job of playing back movies from the 30GB internal hard drive. This stylish handheld measures about 5.9×3.74×1.5-inches and features a slide out keyboard and touch-screen with stylus, two built-in cameras, plus a fingerprint sensor to enhance security. The $1,800 UX180P Micro includes a docking station with FireWire and Ethernet connections, plus a miniature VGA adapter for connection to a projector.

The somewhat wider Samsung Q1 runs Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, and sports a 7-inch WVGA (800×480) LCD with touch-screen capability. Bluetooth, wired/wireless LAN, and a 40GB internal hard drive are standard features of this 8.96×5.49×0.97-inch, 1.7-lb. unit. A new AVS function is designed to let users enjoy multi-media content without booting Windows. At less than $1,100, the compact Samsung Q1 is a good fit for the highly mobile presenter.

Big Picture

A new generation of high-powered portable projectors makes it easier to deliver presentations that look good, even in large, brightly lit meeting rooms. The Hitachi CP-X260 for instance, provides 2500 ANSI lumens of brightness–more than enough to punch through high ambient light. This sub-$2,800, 3-LCD unit delivers high-quality HD video, and crisp, accurate native XGA (1024×768) reproduction of slides. Measuring only 9.8×4.2×12-inches and weighing 7.2 lbs., this projector is small enough for an extended road trip, and quiet enough (34dB in whisper mode) for use in a small conference room.
For the ultimate in screen-filling portability, check out the Mitsubishi MiniMits XD80U. Weighing less than 3 lbs. and measuring just 1.8×7.3×6.9-inches, this sub-$2,000 DLP projector delivers 1500 ANSI lumens of crisp video or PowerPoint images.

Creative Differences

It’s difficult to keep your audience on the edge of their seats when your presentation looks just like a dozen other slideshows that they’ve recently seen.

Ovation, from the teleproduction mavens at Serious Magic, is the easiest and most effective tool we’ve found for breathing new life into ordinary Windows PowerPoint presentations. This versatile, sub-$100 program can add subtle motion to backgrounds to relax your audience, focus audience attention by fading old bullet points as each new one is revealed, and rapidly apply a variety of themed “Power Looks” to add flair and readability to you existing slideshows.

For pure creative presentation power on Mac or PC, the combination of Presenter’s Toolkit and Digital Juice 2.0 for PowerPoint ($399) can’t be beat. This bundle provides thousands of well organized, high-quality, royalty-free professional backgrounds, video clips, photos, animations, and audio elements.


Enjoy your road shows, and please let us know if you have any questions or challenges related to presenting on the go.
Hitachi Brings Networking to The Office
The latest projector from Hitachi brings a new level of connectivity and
versatility to corporate settings. Hitachi’s Ubiquitous Platform Systems
Division recently introduced the CP-X268A to provide both PC-free presentations and network control/diagnostic capabilities to business presenters in a single, compact, and powerful unit.
Built-in LAN connectivity (via a wired Ethernet connection or a supplied SD
wireless card) enables remote monitoring and control of the CP-X268A with
Hitachi’s versatile PJMan and PJCtrl functions. This can result in significant
savings of time, and maintenance costs for business presenters and corporate
AV or communications managers.
The CP-X268A also features PC-less operation accomplished via an SD card,
USB drive, or external storage device containing jpeg, bmp, png, or MPEG4
(SP) files. The portable, 7.2-lb. CP-X268A delivers a high brightness of 2,500 ANSI lumens, and includes several advanced security features to enhance
asset management.

For more information, call 1-800-HITACHI or visit