Prince Harry: Courageous Matt Drudge: Inexcusable

As I’ve written before…people shock the hell out of me!

It happened again.

Irresponsible journalism set a new standard yesterday when Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report published the news of Prince Harry’s location on the front lines in Afghanistan. This shocking, appalling, and reprehensible leak of information placed not only Prince Harry’s life at even greater risk, but also placed the risk of all of the soldiers serving along side him — ALL of the soldiers serving
alongside him.

Matt Drudge’s lack of professional and personal judgment is inexcusable. Reporting highly dangerous information that puts the lives of many people at serious risk during a time of war —
or any time — for the purposes of a “scoop” drops lower than tabloid journalism.

I am ashamed that an American “journalist” sunk to such horrendously low levels.

What an amazing young man, Prince Harry. He deserved, as did all of the soldiers serving alongside him, respect for their individual lives. The courage displayed by Prince Harry as well as all of the troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq is commendable and humbling. These men and
women deserve every ounce of protection that can be provided to them.

Kudos to the media and news outlets that kept the location of Prince Harry secret. You did your job and you did the right thing.