Yada, Yada, Let’s Yada!

Let’s Yada! (a division of WinPlus) is looking to make Bluetooth affordable and easy for everyone.  I had a chance to try two of their new units and speak with their CEO Dan Sheehan.

Let’s Yada! (a division of WinPlus) is looking to make Bluetooth affordable and easy for everyone.  I had a chance to try two of their new units and speak with their CEO Dan Sheehan.


The concept behind Yada is to make devices easy to use and affordable. There devices are specificly geared towards in car use. Their thought is that not everyone is looking for a Bluetooth fashion statement. I have to admit, I love my Jawbone headset but I do not wear it around my head all day long. It’s generally in my pocket more than on my ear. I choose not to be one of the many people I see each day at my Starbucks in the am having conversations with themselves it seems.

The driving force behind their products is the fact that with more than 38 states that have recently passed laws governing cell phone use in vehicles and others with legislation pending or under consideration, hands-free devices are increasingly important for consumers’ safety and convenience.

The first product I demoed was the YD-V1 + phone holder + car charger.  

The YD-V1 is a all-in-one Bluetooth 2.0 headset, phone stand, and car charger.

The Plus Column: 

  • I love the fact there this is stand, headset chargers all in one. 
  • Each time I entered the vehicle, the set paired with the headset every time.
  • Hang-up feature. There is a place to pick up the headset and start your call and hang up to end the call on the stand.
  • A vent based clip system so I can easily move the whole system from car to car
  • Headset sound quality was good (about an 8 of 10) 
  • The headset turns off when the handset is not being charged and when a Bluetooth connection has not been established for more than an hour.
  • Price point of around $50.00

 The Minus Column

  • The headset would not always stay firmly in my ear if I moved my head back and forth often. 
  • It took awhile to find the proper angle for the stand (more than once I took a left turn and the stand went flying right till I found the optimal placement in my car)
  • The blue active light is very bright and somewhat distracting when mounted while driving at night.
  • No home charger. This is an extra cost.

Overall, the YD-V1 is a excellent value and great for those people who just want a good quality headset, stand and charger combo for their car for a very reasonable price.

The second product I demoed was the YD-V8 speakerphone + car charger

The YD-V8 is a Bluetooth speakerphone.

The Plus Column:

  • Excellent sound quality with the windows rolled up
  • Ability to play music from my Blackjack II through the speakerphone with better than average sound.
  • It is small and barely noticeable on my visor
  • It is a stereo not mono speakerphone
  • Easy to use start/stop call button
  • Very portable due to size. I use it in rental cars when I travel. The total size is comparable to an iPod Nano.
  • Great option for those who do not like a ear based headset.

The Minus Column: 

  • When plugged in to charge, I have a long and somewhat distracting cable running from my cigarette lighter to my visor as there is no other way to mount the speakerphone.
  • Did not always synch every time I entered the car. I had to hit the call button to manually re-pair when I entered the car.
  • The button to move the call off the speaker and back to the car is hard to hit while driving.

Overall, the YD-V8 is a good value for those looking for an easy to use and portable speakerphone with a Bluetooth music speaker as a nice extra.


Thanks again to Dan Sheehan, Yada’s CEO for allowing me to try out his products.  Visit Yada at  

Stephen is a Microsoft MVP and Sr. Partner with the Odyssey Consulting Group