Nonsense At Work

Expect more fear in the work place:

Many unpleasant things can happen during a recession. Here’s one that I hope you won’t promote nor experience. More fear in the workplace.

During an economic upswing workers become scarce and thus more powerful. This means that the boss must put on kid gloves and make nice with employees.

But during a recession, jobs are scarce and workers lose power. Bosses become more powerful, the gloves come off and fear returns to the work place.

I know, I know. Fear is always present in the workplace. Only the degree varies. After all, being able to inspire fear has always been a useful management tool. For some reason, this skill has gone underground of late in favor of concepts like emotional intelligence and coaching.

And yet, as we all know, there are times when a good crack of the whip can work wonders.

Ask me. I’m self-employed and some days I could do with a bit of the stick myself.

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