How To Be an A-List Blogger – Commenting (Part 1 In a Series)

“How to become an A-list blogger,” indeed. I may be going out on a
limb with this series because I am not, in fact, an A-list blogger.
However, I do contend that you don’t need a Ferrari to know how to get
to the grocery store. I’m perfectly happy being the Honda Accord of
your marketing strategy.

I got this idea from mega-blogger/Web 2.0 pioneer Jason Calacanis.
If you’ve never heard of him, you may have heard of his companies. He
started Silicon Alley Reporter, co-founded Weblogs.Inc, then became
general manager at Netscape (when they were good), joined up with
Sequoia Investments, and founded Needless to say, I can’t hold a candle to this man.

However, while I was at the gym, I was listening to a months-old edition of the CalacanisCast,
in which Jason off-handedly offered two simple ways to become an A-list
blogger: show up (fairly obvious) and comment on other (respected)
blogs. Here’s the quote:

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