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In the March issue of Fast Company—careful, it's hot off the press—we unveil the new and improved Fast 50, aka the Fast Company 50. This year's list is our first-ever ranking of the most innovative companies in the world. But wait, you say, that's impossible. Can't be done. The world's too big! There's too much innovation out there to keep track of! Sloooow down, Fast Company!

Well, that's what you pay us for. To take journalistic chances. To venture where others fear to tread. Besides, the ranking felt like a natural for us given that we write about, talk about, and obsess about innovation all day. It's in our blood, people. We've been chronicling innovators large and small from the beginning, back when the Internet really was "a series of tubes," as Senator Stevens so eloquently put.

Take a gander at our list and let us know what you think. Who'd we leave off who belonged on there? And who should we have left off? Who did we rank too high? Too low? Here's where you can make your case. Let's hear it.