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Yesterday, there was a conference call with Sherri and Lynn from FastCompany and a few of us that volunteered to be moderators for the Social Responsiblity group. One of our tasks as moderators is to post on our designated day of the week, and my day is Wednesday.

I haven't posted here before, so let me introduce myself.

  • Author of seven books, five of them on marketing. My most recent book is Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers; the one I'm most proud of is Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First—this is my sixth book, and it's all about using business ethics, sustainability, and yes, social activism to grow a business.
  • Owner since 1981 of a home-based copywriting, marketing consulting, and publishing firm, Accurate Writing & More, serving clients on three continents so far with affordable, ethical, effective approaches.
  • Speaker on business ethics as a success driver, frugal marketing, and book publishing/marketing
  • Founder of the Business Ethics Pledge, an international campaign to prevent future Enron scandals by getting 25,000 business leaders to sign the pledge and each tell at least 100 others about it (easy to do through newsletters, websites, etc.). The idea is to create a "tipping point" that will make crooked business practices as unacceptable down the road as slavery is today.
  • Blogger since 2004 on the intersections of marketing, media, ethics, politics, and sustainability.
  • Publisher/owner of nine websites, four monthly e-zines, and five webzines.
  • Host of a radio show on ethcial business, and former columnist for Busienss Ethics magazine. 
  • Frequent media interviewee, covered in the New York Times, USA Today, Boston Globe, Reader's Digest, Entrepreneur, and many other print and electronic media.

I live in an antique farmhouse in rural Western Massachusetts with my wife, novelist D. Dina Friedman, my son Rafael, and sometimes my college-age daughter Alana. My goal in being a moderator here is to leverage Fast Company's considerable brand equity to advance a progressive social change/social responsibility agenda and, of course, make good strong business connections. What's yours?


I show the world the value in your values!

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