Rising price of oil as an excuse to increase revenue?

US Air’s announcement of that they will charge for the second checked bag made me laugh out loud. It’s not that I think the charge itself is funny. In my opinion, it is another sad move by one of traditional big carriers and it follows a similar announcement by United. It was the reason given for the charge that I found comic.

Cut to the bottom line of the announcement and you see that US Air is using the rising price of oil as an excuse to increase revenue. Does this mean they are unable to increase revenue in any other way? Or perhaps they are defending the fact that they are increasing revenue because this has become so sinful that you now need a good reason? Will they aim at decreasing their revenue if oil prices start coming down? I don’t see how this reason will make it easier for their customers accept this new charge.

I checked a few other news sources to see how this was being worded elsewhere and I ended up laughing some more. I saw that cost reduction was being coupled with the increased revenue. After thinking about it for a while, I could figure out how the move will reduce costs but the coupling with the revenue and the lack of an explicit explanation had me thinking that US Air was a little confused about what cost cutting means.

All-in-all, a good laugh and a reminder that you need to think about how your communications will be perceived.CB