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July 2000
Free For All
The best things in life are free. Free speech. Free trade. And, of course, free stuff. You won’t get robust public debate or open international markets on DailyeDeals. But you will get links to a ton of great freebies.

June 2000
Blast Off!
Get ready for another Internet buzz phrase: “the universal outbox.” That’s the central offering of MessageBlaster, a Massachusetts startup with a deceptively simple and potentially useful service.

May 2000
Insure Fer Sure
If you can’t procrastinate any longer, and need to evaluate your insurance coverage and needs, an excellent place to begin is


April 2000
One Look is All it Takes
Lately, the Web has been edging my beloved dictionary off the desktop — and ever more into the dustbin of once-useful tools. The main culprit: a brilliant, free, open-source style online meta-dictionary called OneLook.

03.15.00 – 04.02.00
Amazing Postcards
When you declare free agency, it’s smart to do just that: make a declaration. And perhaps the most effective method is to send a simple postcard that announces your decision to anyone and everyone who might be a source of future work.

03.01.00 – 03.14.00
Pinging Pink
Prepare to be pinged. With iPing, you can use the Web to send yourself wake-up calls and all sorts of other telephone reminders — all for free, of course. (It’s the Web, after all.)


02.15.00 – 02.29.00
Gator Aid
I love the ease and convenience of e-commerce. But those incessant online forms? They make me want to scream. But now I’ve found a way to deal with these nettlesome but necessary nuisances: I’ve hauled in a reptile.

02.01.00 – 02.14.00
Linux Meets Yahoo!
If Web directories have become more common, why haven’t they become more useful?

01.01.00 – 01.31.00
You’ve Got…Money
A Web site where you can search for cash money and other assets you’ve long forgotten.