Announcing a new and innovative way to lessen our environmental impact while saving money at the same time.

I just launched my new business  The idea of the business is simple, provide an on-line venue where ladies can get together on a national level to swap out their wardrobes for something fresh and new without having to buy new.  Helping their wallets while at the same time the environment.

As many of us know, the fashion industry has created a bit of a monster.  Many ladies feel the need to constantly have new clothes to wear.  Women cannot bee seen in the same dress at every event, and must therefore buy new again and again.  Many items in an average woman’s closet are only being worn once or twice.

The textile industry is a major environmental pollutor.  Swapping out fashions instead of always buying new will help to contribute to an overall lessened environmental impact.  With the knowledge we have today about the impact our choices are having on the planet, we all need to do what we can to minimize the damage. 

Please check out my new website at and let me know what all of you think.  You can send me an email directly from the site.  If you like the idea, please help by spreading the word.

Thanks to you all.