Innovation & Making Ideas Actually Happen.

Thomas Edison said it best, “Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration.” For the creative professional, we believe that ideas are simply sparks in an ether of possibility. But the sparks often disappear as quickly as they happen. For a spark to catch fire, you need something flammable.

At Behance, we believe that ideas gain traction through discipline. Some serious discipline is required to make ideas happen. There needs to be a process to CAPTURE the action steps behind the ideas that are generated. There needs to be a sense of ACCOUNTABILITY in every creative team. We also see the need for VISUAL ORGANIZATION of projects, deadlines, and the overall business objectives.

Going forward, Behance will be sharing some insights on the topic of “making ideas happen” and what we’ve come to call “Productive Creativity.” As one of the hosts of FastCompany’s Innovation Discussion, Behance will be focused on strategies to push ideas into action.