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I received an email from a reader asking for some customer service advice. Here is

their question and my answer. Any comments? Thanks.


The other night about 10pm, and I went online to get an e-quote on some health insurance. I filled out the basic form request and reluctantly, filled in my phone number. I did select the check-box that stated to call in the mornings. Within two minutes, I received an e-mail with some companies that would give me specific quotes. And then the phone rang. It was 10:10 p.m and a sales agent was calling in response to my request. I was appalled that someone would be calling my home at that hour to try to sell me something. I understand the nature of sales but this seemed very out of line. He seemed a bit put out that I declined wanting to discuss my insurance needs at this late hour.

For me, part of the appeal with doing business on the internet is the convenience of doing things on my clock and not having to deal with sales people. I would rather read the info on my own and then generate my own business call.

Any advice?


My Answer:


Dear Anonymous,

All I can say is, UNACCEPTABLE! I assume you were sincere in your attempt to find the right insurance package. But, any company that would call at that time of night is not someone to give your business. This is a desperate sales agent, not a professional.

Insurance people should be taught to be counselors not salespeople. When we ask for advise on insurance, it is usually a very personal issue. You have every right to be appalled.

Unfortunately, the convenience of doing business on the Internet sometimes is off-set by dealing with unprofessional individuals and companies. I believe that for something as personal as insurance, calling the well-known reputable names in insurance is worth any extra premium you pay.

Thanks for the comment.