Liquid Brand Summit Session Preview: Emerging Markets

Michael Tatelman, Vice President of Dell’s consumer sales and marketing, was kind enough to speak to me for a few minutes about his session, “How do brands penetrate emerging markets? What about China and the rest of Asia?” Here’s a sneak preview, helpfully broken into four questions:

  • What is an emerging market? It may sound like an obvious question, but it isn’t. AIPAC, BRIC–are they homogenous when it comes to what you’re selling?
  • Does brand lust matter? This may very well depend on whether your next market is an emerging one or an established one.
  • How bad is the brand pollution? Counterfeiting, graymarket goods, and so forth. What’s the distribution channel? Will you lose control of your brand because of the 3rd parties managing it for you?
  • How much do you need to tailor a product for this market? 

 Answer these questions and you’ll discern your next move on the global stage.