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July 2000


Don’t You Get It?

We live in extraordinary times, in which many of us have an unprecedented array of choices regarding how we live, where we live, and what we do for a living. Considering all these opportunities, our work should be more rewarding than ever. Instead, we start work earlier and end later, we feel harried by more stress-filled lives, and we strain to keep up our disintegrating relationships.

March 2000

Create a Personal Board of Directors

Richard Leider responds to readers’ questions about calling, career, and choices. Read his personal advice here.

February 2000

Should You Keep Your Day Job?

“A livelihood that is not yours, no matter how secure or how highly valued by society, parents, spouse or others, devastates your self by violating your natural talents, passions, and values.”

April 2000

Go to Hell Money

“Generating wealth contributes a rhythm to their lives, a reason to get out of bed. Making money becomes a substitute for the personal fulfillment associated with family, friends, spirituality, and community.”