Baseball in 2028

1988 – First Night Game at Wrigley Field

2008 – New Yankee Stadium and Citi Field Built, featuring state of the art multimedia, food service, and convention space

2028 – ?????


1988 saw Wrigley Field have its first night game. This seemed to start a trend of restoring old ballparks (like Fenway) and building new parks to reflect the old times (Camden Yards, PNC Park, AT+T Park).

2008 sees the trend continue, with parks reflecting the old time feel, yet looking to new sources of revenue (corporate sponsoring on walls, suites, high end food locations)

What will 2028 bring? I think we will see the return to the multi-purpose stadiums of the past, where perhaps football and baseball won’t be played in the same area, but stadiums will be built for year round use as a destination for conventions, amusements for children, and year round use through retractable roofs.

As well, there will be direct transportation to the park from satellite parking areas located miles from each venue.  This will prevent the congestion that occurs when 25000 cars escape one area.  This will come in the form of some sort of light rail that enables other sites to be used for parking while the area around the facilities remains vehicle free. RB