Business Productivity: Gearing Up For Expansion

A surefire way to efficiently manage new projects and business expansion is to ensure that you have the appropriate tools and infrastructure in place.

The management of proliferating paperwork is a major challenge for most companies. Adobe’s new Acrobat 7 lets you exert total control over the creation and distribution of important documents, while making them more accessible to clients, coworkers, and strategic partners.


With Acrobat 7 Professional ($450) you can easily create compact, secure PDF documents that combine many common file types, including MS Word and AutoCAD. Authorized personnel equipped with the free Acrobat Reader can now participate in the review process, and the final document can be distributed electronically while maintaining a high level of security.

On-Demand Offices

With the growing availability of rentable business centers, you can instantly establish a branch office anywhere in the world. Through the Regus Group Network for example, you can rent a fully equipped office for the duration you need it. There’s no need to invest in infrastructure for an additional sales office or new project office. Regus offers videoconferencing, telecom, IT, and other business support services to help you ensure seamless and confidential communications.

Power Presenters

Libraries of images, templates, 3D graphics, and video clips can help business communicators to create compelling presentations. The new PowerPlugs SuperSaver Combo 8 ($399) from CrystalGraphics includes their latest, Video Backgrounds. The suite also includes 4,000 high-quality templates for PowerPoint, and tools for the creation of animated 3D titles and charts.

Presenter’s Toolkit ($299) from Digital Juice includes more than 3,000 video clips covering a wide range of topics, and 10,000 useful backgrounds, photos, graphics, animations, and music tracks. An application called “The Juicer” lets you add special effects, such as drop shadows and glows, to images to enhance your PC and Mac-based presentations.

Projectors to Go

With high-quality, portable multimedia projectors selling for less than $1,000, there’s no longer any excuse for delivering a business presentation on a laptop screen. Major manufacturers such as NEC, Epson, InFocus, PLUS-AMERICA, and BenQ, now offer versatile projectors at very competitive prices.

Hitachi’s new Performa CP-RS55 ($899) is a 3-LCD multi-purpose portable projector with multiple inputs for computer and high-end video. This HDTV-compatible projector weighs less than 5 lbs., and puts out a bright, quiet 1500 ANSI lumens of native SVGA (800 x 600) picture — more than enough for presentations in a large, well-lit meeting room.


The powerful, new HP mp3220 ($1,800) multimedia projector features 2000 ANSI lumens of brightness with a contrast ratio of 2000:1, for crisp images of text, multimedia, video, and HDTV. This native XGA (1024 x 768), DLP-based projector measures only 2.8 x 8.3 x 9.9 inches and weighs in at just 3.8 lbs.

Choosing the right tools and environments for increasing business productivity can make a big contribution to profitable, sustainable growth.

Sidebar: Ready-to-Use Offices

Setting up a branch office at a Regus facility is fast, easy, and affordable. Through the Regus Group Network of 750 locations across 350 cities and 60 countries, you can conduct business exactly when and where you need to be.

The Regus Group provides companies of all sizes with a network of professional on-demand places to work. Each location has ready-to-use, fully furnished offices and meeting rooms featuring high-tech communications and Internet access, as well as administrative and IT support.

When you need a branch office in yet another city, or an additional office for a specific project, call a Regus advisor at 1-877-REGUS-80 and find the solution that best fits your needs.


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