Breaking the mold

In starting this blog, I wanted to make sure that I offered coverage of women in business that was not being offered elsewhere. One suggestion about this coverage came from Gail Evans, former executive vice president of CNN and author of “Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman”; she said that most articles about women in business have fairly run of the mill questions with the same cookie cutter answer. So I hope to break the mold with this blog, offering a variety of opinions and authorities as well as covering a wide range of topics.

In that same vein, when I talked to Evans she noted that most women feel that they have to live up to a certain set of expectations, meanwhile everyone should realize that they are capable and long to do different things. And Evans wants women to know, that’s ok.

“I feel as though women have been taught that we should all want the same thing, which isn’t true,” Evans said. “We have to give ourselves permission to stop thinking about ‘this is what I should do, this is what is right.'”

 Not everyone is made to be a CEO; at the same time, not everyone is made to occupy another position. We each have to tune into ourselves, realize what we want and are capable of and work toward achieving that goal. 

Evans also explained that it is usually the people who completely plan out their business and professional lives who end up missing the other, sometimes better opportunities along the way.


I guess the old John Lennon quote holds – “Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.”AZ