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Work/Life: Good News-We Don’t Work Like Dogs

Which is to say we don’t work the same as dogs.

Which is to say we don’t work the same as dogs. As in we operate differently.  Meaning there are things a dog can do that we can’t (and vice-versa, of course).  One of the things canines can do is hear certain frequencies we humans are incapable of hearing.  And now, a CD single which contains a song only dogs can hear has gone to the top of the record charts in New Zealand.  Originally created as part of a Christmas fund drive for the SPCA, the inaudible tune caught on enough to make it number one with a bullet.  Don’t believe me?   Go to YouTube and search for “A Very Silent Night.”  You’ll be glad you did.  Why?  This less-than two-minute video provided an unexpected hit of work/life balance by turning out to be a bizarrely meditative experience.  The first thing you realize is that what appears silent to you is actually having an effect on any dogs who may be nearby.  After that, it is difficult not to get caught up in the very SILENCE of it.  It is a video on the Internet that is utterly without sound.  It’s arresting…and unconventional, and…soothing.  Yes, it is soothing. We are so used to hearing sounds (aka noises) paired with our moving images (especially rock video images), that not having it makes us aware of the stunning quiet.  The way you might suddenly realize the hum of your refrigerator has switched off late at night, leaving an empty, peaceful space you always knew was there but were too caught up in your constantly-whirring brain to experience.  This video only dogs can hear is a tonic. The fact that I heard nothing for a few moments brought me right back down to earth and taught me to remember to breathe once in a while during a hectic day.  I hope it does the same for you.  Woof.   


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