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When implementing consistent products and services across multiple channels, it is important to think about how you will measure the success.  Customer behavior is both an art and a science and requires the review of results.  You have to be able to track a customer’s use of your on-line site to see where they went and be able to ask questions about why they did things in a certainly order.  For example, if a customer looks at an item on-line, adds it to their shopping cart and then abandons the cart, you need to know why.  Was it that there was not enough product information on the site?  Was shipping too expensive?  Did they call into the contact center and finish the transaction there?  It is important to be able to track a single customer across all of the channels and continue to optimize each channel. 

There is only one tool available that I am aware of that does this.  Click-Fox ( has developed a product that can track a customer through the web-site, IVR and a call into the contact center and point out where enhancements need to be made so that a customer can complete a full transaction using a single channel.  Reviewing the results and enhancing the customer experience are critical to retaining customers and attracting new ones.