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An increasing number of marketing, sales and advertising departments are using blogs, wiki’s user generated videos to build greater marketing awareness, create an "online buzz" and hopefully increase sales.Consider the experience of Chevrolet. They conceived of the Chevy Aveo" LivinLarge Campus Challenge," a challenge on seven college campuses where students lived inside a Chevy Aveofor an entire week. These students were empowered with blogs, created andposted YouTube videos and mobilized friends on MySpace and Facebook. Result: 217 million impressions on Chevy Aveo web site, and a powerful connection to the brand.

Should the corporate learning department be next to experiment with social media for learning? They really have no choice but to jump in and experiment in how these new tools can enhance a learning experience. There is a body of evidencethat suggests that students of the Google Generation, who put a premium on doing things quicklyand with zero learning curve will demand access to social networking sites at work.

In fact, in California, some firms arealready finding they cannot attract or retain staff because their ITinfrastructure fails to meet the standards of the Google Generation. The time is now for corporate learning departments to learn how other departments in their company are using social media and start down the journey. Jeanne Meister,