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Finally, Myers-Briggs!

You'd think I'd have taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment by now, eh? Not so! But because I'm on a bit of a self-improvement kick so far this year, I decided it was high time. So this afternoon, I took the test through PersonalityDesk, which also offers several other assessment tests — and perhaps more attractively, a telephone or email discussion of your results.

While my results — which were ready in about an hour — offered no real surprises, they were interesting, especially the  type description and clarity of reported preferences, which indicates where you fall on a trajectory between the different preferences. I'm looking forward to the phone discussion — which I'll schedule next week or so — and in six months, I'll probably pony up for the longer Step II Interpretative Report.

Have you taken the MBTI? How have you used it in your work? Also, are there other personality assessments that you think are particularly useful? I'm curious to explore others to see what insight they might offer.