A Club is Reborn

Kelli Delaney

Creative Director
Members Only

A onetime stylist who helped start celeb-mad US Weekly, Kelli Delaney relaunched Members Only last fall.

“Members Only was known for menswear, but we started with womenswear first. I felt that if we started with menswear and followed with women’s, girls would have felt like they were wearing their boyfriends’ brand. That wouldn’t fly.

I’m also making it a niche brand, the opposite of what a lot of people are doing right now. In my target demographic, there is currently a rejection of things that are mass-produced, and where girls buy things is almost as important as what they buy. We’ll be in Scoop, Kitson, Henri Bendel–if they buy something at Scoop versus a major department store, they’ll like it more.

This is a marketing approach for a younger, more affluent, style-conscious consumer, whom I’ll reach through the right stores, the right use of select celebrities, and the right editorial direction in fashion magazines. Those three things are inextricably tied to the building of a powerful brand today.”