Where and when is the next KIVA.ORG going to happen

I’ve asked the question everywhere, I’ll ask it here. In order to answer, you need to understand what makes KIVA.ORG unique.

Kiva is funded by tax deductible donations and grants. 

Loans do NOT pay interest, except in the feeling of helping others thrive through hard work. 

There is no commission on payments via PayPal in either direction. When you load someone $25, you are charged $25 and $25 goes into the loan fund. If you take out the $25 at the end of the loan after repayment, you do not pay a commission.

You choose the people you wish to help and can follow their progress if you care to do so.  

You can give people a KIVA gift certificate and chances are they will also catch the bug and become members.

The average Kiva lender has made 2.3 loans. I have 62 out currently in 24 countries. All of us Kiva Friends are thrilled to be able to do this. 

 Now, how can we replicate this model to do good in other areas like scholarship funding?